Tomasz Wojtowicz received Bsc and Msc degree in microbiology at Wroclaw University. He concluded successful training in genetics as Erasmus Students in Louvain la Neuve (Belgium) and got inspired in basic biological research. Consequently, he started a PhD programme in neuropharmacology and neurobiology under supervision of prof. Jerzy W. Mozrzymas at Wroclaw Medical University (Department of Biophysics). His PhD thesis describing pharmacokinetics of several modulators of the key inhibitory ionotropic receptors in the brain (GABAA receptors) was awarded by Ministry of Health.  In attempt to broaden multidisciplinary research tools, he paid visits to the top laboratories in his field in Great Britain, Austria, Italy and Germany. He is currently involved in multidisciplinary research of mechanisms of brain plasticity by combination of electrophysiology, pharmacology, immunofluorescence and live imaging of the brain tissue. In collaboration with PhD students in the Laboratory of Neuroscience and scientists from other institutes he recently described how various extracellular and intracellular molecules could mediate synaptic plasticity and long term scaling of neuronal excitability in the neuronal circuits of the hippocampus, a structure implicated in learning and memory. As an academic teacher, he is an adjunct for medical biophysics at Faculty of Medicine.